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55 lbs and an ugly tan later 😄

The game would be more interesting with Amber and Brit still in :(


Dude Donny is so underrated as a player tbh
He’s aware of everything happening in the house, and is actually a decent competitor. He’s won a lot of the competition’s he’s been in, and was responsible in knocking Devin from the veto comp. so he could be backdoored (then won the veto).
And he’s such a genuine person, and he worries for people in the house and wants to help everybody he’s such a good person and doesn’t deserve to be trash talked.


somehow I find it funnier bc justin toured with ariana and frankie is obsessed with jb


Ariana Grande’s half brother calling Zach “cancer” when Ariana Grande’s half brother’s grandpa just died from cancer…

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Happy Birthday @hsahotaaa! #turnup Cheers to 17 years of giving me a headache ❤️ Love you regardless!



a person’s opinion on victoria is how you can tell if they watch the feeds or not

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